When I Read Her Letters

I love to imagine the cool of winter’s morning,

she is bundled, glasses lie low, comfort in a soft touch,

her smile is within her conscience

as she draws the world inside her mind.


I love to know that her heart is as real

as a sweet breeze on a cool summer eve,

when two lovers allow the nature of our lives

draw their soft imaginable fantasy,

beyond the reality of a societal lie.


Oh, it is the harshness of our world does interfere,

when love becomes an unrequited fare,

it is our own pain we suffer alone,

not knowing, and only hoping the other be fair …

to themselves, to open themselves to peace.


I do wish on that cool winter morning,

she might maintain her smile,

when it is these words will glance her eyes,

she could know my love is only real,

and I can wait a thousand sunlit mornings there.


I Took This Walk

I knew when I arrived, she would be there,

holding on to a mountain, sharing where

we knew we could belong, our lives toward

other worlds, distracted if only less awkward.


Her sweet presence in her thoughtful eyes,

I smiled, and she listened for a kind disguise

the words we cherish, a mystique in romance

we knew each breath we felt a chance.


I took this walk in the trailing snowfall,

it was as beautiful as any I might recall.

I did imagine her lovely manner a constant,

to be by her side, I would a forever instant.


When love began we knew sweet hearts fond,

naturally inclined, a craving, a magic wand.

Still Life

When while the faculty

fell victim to analogy,

body mechanic

ailing heart.


While when the universe

in often transit

the mechanic will operate

hold still a fervor.


When while sweet remedy

seem implausible

the nature of mechanae

holds promise in me.


Would I if when my heart is pulse

driven moves beyond a still life love.


Seeking Tranquil Horizons

I cannot find any today,

a storm settles nearby,

always churning, waiting, wanting energy,

sometimes its dimensions

rather scary,

holding out for the next drop,

and yet,

never will it reveal the truth

around its exploration

of everyone’s greatest fear.

It is rather difficult to feel grateful,

when the sky is falling in every turn

each matter to listen upon

buries more reality,

uncovers a further reckoning

no turning back of course,

we must always face the storm.

‘… and the night quiets now’

it is in a word,

a phrase, expressed in silence

when suddenly out loud,

speaks to reality,

speaks enough for one to hear, to listen,

to wait for that moment,

a suggestion of clarity,

caught in a night sky,

when only alone one might listen

to the gentle breeze,

a calm reminder of a life outside our own.


we are in sound

indicated bye our next move,

a suitable appeal

to what once was is now,

what will be …

Que Sera Sera,

and then the tears did soon well,

water a purity

a peace amongst the thieves,

whose heart lost long ago,

is never understood

by the commoner

choose to live beyond our means,

no material salutation

only the gift of



oh to know the magic inherent

when two people might

offer solace

can negotiate through the chaos

of life

of life in happening,

of a life that hasn’t yet been defined.


but we know it will be,


we know it is the truth

that allows our happiness

to stay in play

for it is

meaningful to let one another know …

I only wish you to be … lovely,


as might be the quiet – we do surround our heart.

When Watching Sunsets Alone

Have you wondered

when you watch a beautiful

sky come alive,

is it only for your eyes,

or does she notice too,

Can she

in her world

see the glorious sky,

the heavens,

the mystery,

the reason we, love, together,

when we rely

upon simple beauty, simply nature, simple,


It is when standing alone, I look to that miracle

on the horizon,

a part of our world …

it is there I begin to believe

hers is a serenity,

is a resonating compassion,

is a certain mystique,

that is as beautiful in a companion,

as it might be alone.

This Place I Ne’er Go

It is dark in its gloomy tone,

I tend to walk past,

always feeling known,

yet able in the light

to find safe passage.

Away from the dark places

in my mind,

those foreboding regions

of despondent hell

where reality laughs

in the face of love.

Tonight I have been asked

to step inside

to slam the door closed

to not ever reach back

for my words

are no longer welcome.

It is a dark place

where fear resides.

Wanting To Capture Time

Oh if could I, might then, would there be an

answer waiting at the end of the walk,

where the neighbors know,

always watching routines in wonder.


If it is real they would say to themselves,

then autumn colors would remain vibrant,

the world would glow,

the skies all around with splendid hue.


Once while sitting on a rock,

the surface hard below,

I wondered about time,

whether I might ever get out of this place.


The many afternoons, the fresh evening mist,

a morning awakening in spectacular glory,

we all have found our memory,

and it is there sometime I wish to return.


Then in the sunlit slats of the white linens,

she did in elegance a rose

hold fast to my body to sweet repose,

and I was the observer in happy pose.


Oh to have that time again one day,

to know the beauty of safe imaginative peace,

we did allow our lives to rest in unison,

know ourselves until the autum dawn release.

I Will Love

When momentum seems to draw a close

I will be forever near her beating heart,

For to listen, in her beauty is an art,

To hear mingle quiet solace all she knows.


When once our free spirits carried little

Caution in the sweet magic of night ease

We might pause to journey a soon breeze.

Knowing now love is found a riddle.


I would recall a summer night sky in stars

Of wonder, a magical slumber in dreams

Lives together, in touch eternal seems

The way a soul may cope with love afar.


Oh to know elegance in mystique release

Is to seek her heart might then my peace.


Quiet Reflection

The silent drive,

the landscape, strangers

encountering all walks of life,

on the freeway again,

we all might know the same,

yet carry a wisdom within,

perhaps a local


could speak a philosophy

the other might oblige

settle a nerve,

offer an encouragement.


Instead it is the sky ahead,

a black hazy nighttime haunt

quiet reminder

the solace is found in a peace

our own sweet response,

we do belong

together … drive forward.